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Berlin – Moscow

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Claudia Doms is a graphic designer and artist.

Her practice includes design commissions, autonomous
work and teaching appointments.

This website focuses on her graphic design work.
Some works are described in more detail than others,
some projects include documentation material from
lessons and exhibitions, others research references.

Currently Doms is year leader BA Graphic Design at
the British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow.

For current affairs visit c_doms instagram

For further information please get in contact.

Thank you. Danke.

Web development by Artur Turkuli. February 2016.

Adam's Bite

Look book for Swiss fashion brand Adam's Bite.

Art direction photography and lookbook design.

Photography by Marlen Keller
Styling by Erik Raynal
H&M by Jana Kalgajeva
Models Christopher and Philip, TIAD Berlin

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AGA Lab | Waag Society

Poster series for group exhibition by Claudia Doms & Eva Pel, Kaleb de Groot and Debra Solomon at Broedplaats LELY, Amsterdam (2017). The design solution derives from the situation that all participating artists were part of the same residency at AGA Lab and Waag Society without their work being conceptually connected. Therefor the poster brings together three different posters that equally stand on their own.

Asif Khan

Printed matter and website for Asif Khan architects. In collaboration with Luke Powell (Hudson-Powell).


Magazine created with the students of the art academy in Bremen, Germany.

The art academy in Bremen is an interdisciplinary school, in which students take courses rather than studying in one department. The fashion presented in this magazine was created by students, as were the photographs and the magazine design.

Prof. Andrea Rauschenbusch and myself guided the editorial course, in which student groups worked on different proposals for the magazine design. The concepts were presented to a committee, which chose one of the projects to be finalised.

The design proposal that was chosen is an experiment to discover the possibilities and limitations in offset-printing.

The magazine is called ›AUS‹, German for out/off, and is following the idea that something unusual can be found where one is not afraid to go new directions.

Photographs 1–5 by Quoc-Van Ninh, who also created a mini website for the magazine.

Brakke Grond

One-off newspaper to launch the new identity of the Flemish cultural center De Brakke Grond in Amsterdam. The full-colour backside of each sheet is used by young Belgium artists to do whatever they like.

The logo type was meant to be temporary, I see though it is still in place these days.

Designed while at Vandejong Amsterdam.

Daniel Sannwald

Website design for London based photographer and filmmaker Daniel Sannwald.


De Kinkerboulevard

Editing and graphic design of newspaper about the gentrification process of De Kinkerboulevard, a traditional shopping street in Amsterdam. Research and photography Marieke Geljon and Eva Pel (2017).

Photograph no. 9 at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

De Zwarte Ruyter

Invitations and posters for De Zwarte Ruyter, projectspace for contemporary art and visual culture in Rotterdam.


Poster series for Amsterdam-based experimental music initiative DNK.

For each event-poster, the first page of a Dutch newspaper from the same date but 50 years earlier was reduced to the layout framework and a random article. A random word from a random sentence of the article was replaced with the word 'music'. The handwritten type is a reference to British tabloid press announcements.

Collaboration with Denny Backhaus.


Poetry book for Charlotte Wendy Law (2017).

Visual identity for Bulgarian fashion label Evgenia Popova.


Art direction video, photography.
Design textile prints, lookbook.

Spring Summer collection '14.

Photography by Ruta Balseviciute.
Text & voiceover by Hanne Lippard.

Print design, art direction photography, graphic design lookbook.

Autumn Winter collection '14.

Photography by Nicole Maria Winkler.
Styling by Lilia Toncheva O'Rourke.

Evgenia Popova SS16

Spring Summer '16 collection graphics.

Bulgarian rivers and cotton plants.

Evgenia Popova X OCCI

Fleur van Dodewaard

Business cards for photographer Fleur van Dodewaard.

To see her work visit fleurvandodewaard.com

Foam Magazine

Issue 19–21

Designed while at Vandejong Amsterdam.

Poster series based on a quote from the 1967s movie ›Cool Hand Luke‹ .

Presented at the premiere of ›Helvetica‹  in Amsterdam, a movie about a typeface of the same name. Directed by Gary Hustwit.

Also shown at the Manystuff exhibition, curated by Charlotte Chetham, at Red October Moscow 2009.

Collaboration with Goda Budvytyte.

Irene Kopelman

Printed collateral for Kopelman's exhibition ›Scale: 1:2.5‹ .

Invitation, leaflet, exhibition navigation.

In David's words: »I don't know what I am; I don’t know what I mean; I don’t know why and for whom I work; I don’t know the sense nor the reason of the origin of my, often recycled, works. It is strangely less and less important for me to see who will understand the meaning of my works, including myself, I am my own foreigner. After 15 years of intensive, professional work in the art field, somewhere in the centre of Europe, I lost all coherent identity. I am slowly and uncertainly reaching a conclusion that it is not negative for me, even though I don't know what to do with it.«

Exhibition identity & illustrations.
Collaboration with Radim Peško.

La Bellone

Quarterly, bi-lingual theater programm for La Bellone, Bruxelles.

This was my first paid graphic design assignment ever, thanks to Jean-Marc Klinkert who entrusted me with this job.

Illustrations by Cécile Taffanelli & Claudia Doms.

Lily van der Stokker

Exhibition catalogue for Lily van der Stokker's huge Flower Floor Painting at La Conservera (Spain).

Video captured screening of Super 8 film.
The Super 8 film shows colour projections which I had previously recorded.
The soundtrack is comprised of audio elements from ›The Shining‹ by Stanley Kubrick.

An investigation into the power of reduction.
Autonomous work.


Typeface drawn from a single line.

Available through


Book and project website.
Concept, editing and design. Collaboration with Eva Pel.


Visual identity for PRONAG, a company providing project management for structures using natural stone.


Poster series during Dutch election period in 2010, which was shaped by a (new) right wing movement.

The series was followed by an online project and live talk show about Dutch identity, which I produced together with artist Eva Pel.

Autonomous work.

For more information visit storyofthenetherlands.com

Campaign for the graduation show of the Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam.

Collaboration with Mikk Heinsoo.

Letterpress, screen print and offset.

Speaking Art Writing

Leaflet for a workshop and presentation of the Art Writing Course of Goldsmith University at Whitechapel Gallery, London.

In 2012 I designed a book, commissioned by Swiss photography curator Nathalie Herschdorfer, about the different ideas of beauty in the three countries Korea, Switzerland and the United States of America. Involved were students from art schools in Lausanne, Daegu and New York.

I spent a very interesting time in Göttingen, where the printing house of publisher Gerhard Steidl is based. We took final decisions on production and made proof prints of the book – everything looked great and Mr. Steidl was excited.

To this day I am waiting for the book to be printed.

Stuck Richter

Visual identity for Stuck Richter, run by Rico Richter, an expert in stucco works.

The Cube

1-week workshop at the Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn.
Thanks to Mikk Heinsoo for all his support.


Conceptual artists are mystics rather than rationalists. They leap to conclusions that logic cannot reach.
—Sol LeWitt

Day 1

Make a perfect cube.
Dimension: 10×10×10cm
Colour: white
We will meet at 17.00 to have a look at all the perfect cubes. After that I will show you some images from the world of cubes, they might inspire you for the coming days.

Day 2

Find a system to investigate the cube. Think of an angle to look at it and turn it from there (metaphorically or literally). If you want to bring in another element such as color, text or your mom, please do so. Just keep in mind that it is not the moment now to ›say something‹. Be a researcher, but research by doing. Make as many sketches as possible.
We will meet at 16.30 to have a look at all the formal investigations that have been made so far.

Day 3

Continue sketching following your method; at some point you might feel that you found an interesting, beautiful or surprising moment. Keep it. You also might have simply explored your system to the very end. Look back. Make a choice for one of your sketches.
You will design a final work from the choice that you have made. The platform for your work is a perfect square (0.65m2) on the left wall (entrance door behind your back) in room 418. Sketch out solutions for your final work.
We will meet at 19:00 to have a look at the proposals for the design of the wall-squares.

Day 4

Finalise your plan for the outcome.
Then: Make it. Your project has to be applied directly onto the wall. We will provide basic acrylic paints, brushes and tape. For other techniques (pencil, glow-in-the-dark paint, ink, spray-cans, stencils, collage, etc.) you will have to source the material yourself.

Day 5

Finish your work until 17:00.

Then we’ll clean up and prepare for an opening of the Cube Show at 19:00.
We’ll show all the work that we made during the week:
1. The perfect, white cubes
2. The drawings/cube-investigations
3. The wall designs

The Total Library

This is a rather old project of mine, I still like it.

The poster designs are derived from the writings ›The Total Library‹ by Jorge Luis Borges – the series visualises my credo from that time.

Presented at Pakt Gallery in Amsterdam, exhibition concept by Experimental Jetset.


A couple of works I have done for fashion retailer Topshop.

The brief for the invitation said to 'do something with the British flag'.

The tote bags are for NewGen winners, their patterns printed on the backside.


Collection of the best articles and features of German newspaper supplement ZEITmagazin from 50 years of publishing.

Designed while at Bureau Mirko Borsche.